Python Programming

Professor Joe Warren, Professor Scott Rixner
Rice University


Week 1: Introduction, Print, Arithmetic Expressions, Variables, Saving
Week 2: Functions, More Operations, Logic and Comparisons, Conditionals
Week 2 Mini Project #1: Rock Paper Scissors (Lizard Spock)
            Sample Student Project

Week 3: Event-Driven Programming, Local vs. Global Variables, Simple GUI
Week 4: Buttons, Input Fields
Week 4 Mini Project #2: Guess the Number
            Sample Student Project

Week 5: Canvas and Drawing, String-Processing, Interactive Drawing
Week 6: Timers
Week 6 Mini Project #3: StopWatch
            Sample Student Project

Week 7: Lists, Keyboard Input, Motion, Collisions and Reflections
Week 8: Velocity Control
Week 8 Mini Project #4: Pong

Week 9: Mouse Input, List Methods, List Examples
Week 10: Dictionaries, Images
Week 10 Mini Project #5: Memory

Week 11: Object-Oriented Programming, Classes for Blackjack
Week 12: Tiled Images
Week 12 Mini Project #6: Blackjack

Week 13: Acceleration and Friction, Spaceship Class, Sound
Week 14: Sprites
Week 14 Mini Project #7: Spaceship

Week 15: Sets, Collisions for Sprites
Week 16: Animation
Week 16 Mini Project #8: Rice Rocks!