Elementary School LEGO Competition 2014

Elementary School Competition 2014

May 3, 2014 (Saturday)

8:00am - 12:00noon

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FAQs (Clarification of Rules)

Challenge #1:  Maze (Version 06/18/2013)

In this challenge, the robot needs to navigate its way through the maze as fast as it can. The lower your time, the better the score. You may decide which side of the maze to start from, and you may decide which path to follow. However, be aware that the Red Buckyball is there as an extra obstacle, and will be placed approximately in the middle of the blue tape.

Challenge #2: Beanbag Challenge (Version 07/03/13)

In this challenge, the robot is trying to transport beanbags across the field. The robot must first start touching the back PVC pipe. Teams are then allowed to put any number of beanbags into the field as long as they are touching the robot. (For example, a team can choose to put 1 beanbag or 5 beanbags, but the beanbags must touch the robot before the start button is pushed [electricity rule].)

Scoring is as follows:

1)    For each beanbag touching the right pipe (6”), 1 point will be awarded.

2)    For each beanbag touching the left pipe (10”), 2 points will be awarded.

3)    For each beanbag touching the side pipe (18”), 3 points will be awarded. 

*If a beanbag is touching two pipes, the lower score will be recorded.

[Electricity Rule] If one beanbag is scored, then any other beanbag touching that scoring beanbag will also score. This allows you to “drop” a stack of 5 beanbags on the pipe, and because the bottom beanbag scores, all 5 beanbags will score. Similarly, in the beginning, any beanbag touching a legal beanbag is also legal.


Challenge #3: Pom-Pom Challenge (Version 09/17/2013)

In this challenge, robots have 30 seconds to place the pom-poms in either the low goal or the high goal. The pompoms are placed on a blue strip of tape 10” away from the scoring goals. Green pom-poms are worth 1 point in the low goal and 5 points in the high goal. A pink pom-pom in the low goal will double your overall score, and a pink pom-pom in the high goal will triple your overall score.

The robot must not touch any scoring element at the beginning of the challenge. The robot can start anywhere, even right next to the PVC pipes.

For this challenge, you may choose to control your robot with touch sensors or the computer, but students can not touch the robot itself or any scoring element once the time has started.

Note: Because each challenge requires different skills and motors, it is highly recommended that at least 3 different robots are made. This allows students to focus their robot construction on accomplishing a single task.

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